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Pray for Me

I don’t have anything specific I need. No immediate problems or encumbering worries; conversely, things are going really well. I have my health, and that of my family. My children are on a positive path of growth in this life and with their God. My wife is supportive and complaint-free. Maybe now, more than ever- I need your prayers. Sounds bizarre, no?

Things are looking up, and this is exactly why I need your prayers. It is about time for the adversary to start up another attack. Why? Because right now, I firmly trust in God and (not to be too braggadocious) I am winning daily struggles and suppressing temptations. This is exactly the moment that prowling lion is going to be examining for weaknesses (1 Peter 5.8). (Luke 22.31-34) Peter is told Satan wants to “sift” him “like wheat”- looking for whatever little thing there may be. Looking for any open gap in the armor; any place to gain a foothold to break him down. Jesus prayed for Peter, and I am no Peter.

When pressure comes, from whatever side, prayer seems reflexive. Sick? Pray. Tempted? Pray. Weary? Pray. But, normal? This is where it is so easy to allow prayer to become lackadaisical. How near blasphemous of me! Is it really when I am experiencing the blessings of our God that I am least prone to be thankful for them? Yuppers! Oh, boy! How I need to grow in this!

“…the sick and the traveling, and those who didn’t make it out…”, Yes, of course these people need God to work in them in specific ways. No less needed are prayers for those who have their health and waltz through the doors every time they open. In Colossians 1.9 Paul writes, “we have not ceased to pray for you…”. Was it for the sick, traveling, absent from worship members that Paul’s group prayed? Perhaps. But, assuredly, prayers were raised for all members, that “you may be filled…”.

Can I pray hard enough to “light a fire” in someone? Give it a try! God surely hears our prayers, and Paul routinely writes that he is praying for the increase of the members of congregations. We read his prayers and apply them to our own lives- and that is good! But let us also pray those prayers for others. How strong we will be if we are stoking the flames of the Spirit to love and good works in others.


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