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A Good Strawberry

Think back to the last time you had a really good strawberry. One where you bit into the flesh and the juice burst forth. Where the flavor was so rich and sweet. Perhaps your senses don’t tingle for strawberries. What about watermelon? Perhaps a peach? Maybe a mango? (See what I did there?)

            “Oh, taste and see that the Lord is good! Blessed is the man who takes refuge in him!” (Psalm 34.8)

            Movies proclaim love for senses and abilities that humans are not given. Perhaps so much so that we forget to thank God for the senses we do have. Next time you bite into a fruity fruit; a savory steak; a nutritious nut, you find a way to tell someone that God is a nutritious nut maker, fruity fruit giver, a savory steak tender. (see what I did there?) Give God thanks for the senses with which He has provided you and give God thanks for the things He has created in this world.

            Tast and see! Typically, we will take Psalm 34.8 to mean the spiritual blessings of this world, and perhaps rightfully so. But there is also a sense in which we just need a sumptuous strawberry to remind us that GOD MADE THAT!!! There is no greater strawberry maker than our God! Isn’t He the most, to say the least? (the very least) Why is it so hard to find an excuse to tell someone that? I suggest it is because we have too many good things. Like what? Glad you asked!

            In days of yore, food (and drink) items were sweetened with honey. But now, white sugar; Splenda; Stevia; and even Sweet’N Low; have supplanted honey as the sweetener of choice. Even our senses point to God being good, and good for us. Just wait, medical science will soon tell you that stuff causes cancer. But, honey never has. Oh, taste and see!


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