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Step Up

Someone will take care of it. If she just sits there, allowing someone else to do it, she is lost. You aer not exempt from anything. Help

Happy Holidays?

Jesus was involved in the celebration of Hanukkah. John includes the information in scripture for us to find understanding.

Wise for Salvation

Knowing information does not inherently save. You have to know the truth to believe it, but just knowing about the existence of salvation

Whiter Than Snow

It is the blood of Jesus that washes us clean. It is His perfection that covers us- like a blanket of snow.

Revenants: Real? (No)

Departed souls lack the control or ability to return to the Earth and go bump in the night. Because the rich man is stuck he asks Abraham

My Soul Magnifies the Lord

life is not always wonderful. If we do not look for the blessings it can be too easy to miss them. I do not know all His blessings.

Messy Ox

You cannot have the ox and a clean stable. The mess is caused by the ox, but without the ox there is no harvest.Sowing is about reaping.

While A Thousand Thousand Sing

The idea of making on's way to the front pew at the prescribed time is terrifying for some. The only opinion that matters is that of God.


The meaning of John's name and of the name Jesus is Titus 2.11: For the grace of God has appeared, bringing salvation for all people!

Happy Birthday!

Sunday is the day Christians gather because Sunday is the day of the week on which Jesus was born! That is, as the firstborn of the dead


Have you ever considered the temperature on the day that Jesus died? It was probably early April, and the night before was cold.

Why Be Saved?

We talk so much in the church about wanting to be saved and wanting others to be saved, but why doe we seek salvation?

The Best I Can

Our freedoms find their fences when they are not encouraging or edifying. As long as I keep covenant with God, I can do anything I want

Pray; Thanks

it is understandable that we could be so overjoyed about the answered prayer that we forget to thank God for granting our petition.

Hunted Sheep

Do not be silly or naive. As a lamb you are defenseless. The armor of God is given by God. We stand in the strength of His great might.

God, I Need You

The world needs God. I need Him to guard my hear. Trials are real. Pain, agony, suffering, death: all real. I must remember to rely on God

A Divine Detour

It is for our own strength that our faith is exercised. The path through the valley leads to the mountaintop ahead.

What Will You Give Me?

In many cases we may waste God’s time and talents trying to earn another piece of gold while we could better spend our time saving souls.

Accept His Forgiveness

God is willing to forgive. He desires all be saved. And by the blood of the Christ God will forgive! So what is the hold up?


make sure you are sure of what you pursue. What does God think of our futile endeavors? What will it profit a man if he gains the whole

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