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First or Second?

Gena Rose Alpern and her husband, were excited because they were brand new parents. They had a beautiful, brand-new baby. And they were excited. Because, of course, that means a lot of changes. They determined they needed a larger apartment.They had definitely outgrown their studio apartment. And so they went online and began a search for a two bedroom. This was about a year ago. And as residents of Jerusalem, Gena and her husband were used to tight spaces. And of course, they were used to thinking outside the box. After an online search, they found a great apartment, in a great location. Two bedrooms, hgh ceilings, natural light from windows on three sides of the building. It was everything they wanted, everything they were looking for. And they were eager to sign on the line which is dotted. And that’s when Gena’s husband noticed the Messiah clause in the lease.

                Near the bottom of the agreement, these words were written, in bold type, “Upon the coming of the Messiah, tenants agree to vacate the apartment within 15 days.” That was in the lease agreement. You don’t find that in any documents in America. But, apparently, this is very common in Israel. Particulary in, and around Jerusalem. A clause that ensures the owners can come back to the property, kick out the tenants, and take up residence alongside the Messiah, should He appear in their lifetime.

                For Gena, and her husband, who were both Jewish. The possibilities of agreeing to such a document caused a lot of unique and spiritual conversations. In her words, “I mean, this is what we’re praying for right? A basic tenant of Judaism is that we are eagerly anticipating and trying to bring Messiah speedily in our day. Honestly, it’s always been a huge concept to wrap my head around, I am embarrassed to admit.”

                Gena Rose Alpern was trying to navigate the complexities of what the Messiah’s coming means. She’s definitely not alone in trying to wrap her head around understanding the arrival of the Messiah. The most major difference in Christianity and Judaism, at this point, is which arrival of the Messiah we await. Jews await His first coming, and Christians await His return. Some scholars estimate the scriptures (combining both Old and New Testaments) contain more prophesies of the Messiah’s second coming in a ratio of 8:1. Is His return something you eagerly await? Will you be ready to vacate your home when He arrives? Are you ready?          

Bulletin article taken from the beginning of a sermon by Dr. Craig Bean, minister at the Spring Street Church of Christ. .


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