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I Believe

“I believe”, is not a phrase that seems to be uttered so much anymore. “I think”, is more common. “The fact is”, is also a popular way to...

Hey, Kids:

Why do you write to the kids? It seems like so many of these articles are devoted to the youth. To those who are 25 and under, why? Well,...


Late in Hebrews 10 we find a lot of talk about staying away from sin (verses 26-39). Smack in the middle we read a sentiment of...

True Colors

2020. What a year! In March, everyone had so many plans for the rest of the year. Spring break was approaching. There were upcoming...


The man who dealt with the sins of the people wore a crown of blue (and gold). A nation of God’s own people led by priests wearing blue.


We must recognize that without the sustaining love, mercy, grace- blessings of God, we are not alive. But, rooted in Him, we find everything


Justice demands we pay for our sins. However, mercy is available by the red blood of Jesus. Will you, red clay person that you are, listen?


I have always liked the color black. A glossy black just seems to set an edge that, to me, feels so intentional; polished; maintained....


I don’t like the color white. White doesn’t stay white for long. If it is a white fence, then it will soon be a green and white, mildewed...

A God Who Takes

I recently heard a preacher make a statement to the effect of, ‘we can begin to think of God as a God who only takes’. This statement...

Was Normal Good Enough?

Last week, I wrote about an interview I did with Roger Shouse of the Charlestown Road Church. This article also originates from that...

Well, I...

I was recently listening to a preacher in Ohio discuss the way his congregation was handling COVID and distancing. He discussed how they...

The Rest of the Time

“So as to live for the rest of the time in the flesh no longer for human passions but for the will of God.” (1 Peter 4.2) I recently read...

Man Up

For example, do you have any idea how much strength and courage it takes to lead singing?!

Gold Rings and Hog Jowl

Peter is reminding us that the person you are on the inside should be of infinitely greater concern than making sure your eye shadow is blen

Fresh Joy

Perhaps it is time to add fresh joy to our lives. God’s merciful blessings are faithfully new every morning.

The Folded Face Covering

His work completed on Earth Jesus has gone to be seated in power. But take note: He is risen, and He is coming back!

Where Joy and Sorrow Meet

He has given us, his children, everything we need to be righteous. Well kids, you better pay attention to Him! You better take heed

Love & Hospitality

If you are not grumbling you are being nice and/or loving, which is very essential. If you are nice then people might also want to do good i

Where is Your Happy Place?

Where is your happy place? Where do you go to simply relax and recharge your batteries? Is it on top of a mountain or by the sea?

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