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No Need To Ask

Tell me what you are excited about. Actually there is no need for me to ask that. And I’ll tell you why- you will without me asking you. In an effort to relate to one another we naturally bring up things we are interested in to see if the other person shares our interest. I’ll prove it: Which brother (or sister, as applicable) will talk about hunting/fishing? Which one knows sports statistics? Which one can tell you about aphids or ladybugs affecting a garden? Which one will know politics?

The longtime running joke about three groups is, “How do you know is someone is a vegan/ does crossfit/ sells essential oils? They will tell you!" (No offense intended; the point is the zeal of these groups and how Christians can and should relate)

How do you know someone is a Christian? Search the scriptures and you find precious few examples of God’s people being identifiable just because of their actions/inactions. Jesus himself was not identifiable just because of His presence! If He were, there would have been no reason to have Judas identify Him. If you want to be known for being Christian, you have to tell someone. So, how excited are you to do that?

Back to identifying our brethren’s hobbies: When a hunter harvests their prey- expect to see pictures! When a favored sports team does the thing and gets the points- expect to see them in team colors! When pests are controlled- look for shared fruits and veggies! But, what about the Christian?

When the Bible class was uplifting- tell someone! Yes, share it with the teacher/class/congregation, but tell someone who was not there. When a sermon has you thinking about a point or scripture all week- share it! If your worship is something you are excited about others need to know. Nature itself points people to God, and if you are boasting about your congregation’s ability to worship God the attraction is natural. Do you quote songs or movie lines? How about scripture? Do you have a favorite scripture? -does anyone know it?

How should I end an article reminding us to proclaim our Christ to others? “A city set on a hill cannot be hidden”; “let your light shine before others so they see your good works”; “You are the salt of the earth, but if salt has lost its taste…” Amen.


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