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My Calling to Fulfill

“To serve the present age; my calling to fulfill. O may it all my powers engage to do my Master’s will!” (A Charge to Keep I Have, verse 2) “And say to Archippus, “See that you fulfill the ministry that you have received in the Lord.”” (Colossians 4.17)

A “bucket list” is a combination of things one desires to do, see, participate in, or accomplish before a specific expiration date. For instance, one may say something like, “Before I die, I want to see the Grand Canyon.” What is your “Christian bucket list?”

At the end of the letter to the church in Colossae, Paul nearly commands Archippus to get to work. The wording indicates that Archippus is to be toiling upon at least one specific task, if not more. The admonishment also indicates that this task was commissioned by God. Perhaps this is a teaching Archippus is supposed to impart. Perhaps he is in training to preach. Maybe Archippus is supposed to be building the local congregation up in the most Holy faith. What we can deduce is that Archippus has been given a talent for which he is responsible for the increase; and Paul’s statement for him is that the task must be completed.

If you suppose that you have not been given a ministry by the Lord, you are mistaken. We are all members of the body, and responsible for the task for which we were designed. God Himself, adds us to the body; and God Himself places us right where we need to be to best serve the body. What is your ministry? If you do not know I suggest you start by praying for God to reveal to you how you can best serve in His Kingdom. Next, ask your Elders and/or preacher where/how you can serve.

Do not leave your task undone. The most simplistic way to phrase it is this: You are a Christian, Christians have ministries to do, are you done? If the answer is, ‘no’, Paul’s statement is to get to work on fulfilling your ministry. If the answer is, ‘yes’, congratulations! Now you are ready to take on a new work! Or do you just sing, “We’ll Work ‘Till Jesus Comes” without conviction? Jesus tells us the fields are ready for harvest, and that we should pray for reapers. There is work that we all can do. Pitter-patter; let’s get at’er! Fulfill the ministry you have received in the Lord.


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