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Deserved It!

He deserved what he got! A statement of justice. Batman would be proud. It seems like after “if it doesn’t fit you must acquit” people have leaned away from the court system and more toward social justice. But, here are a couple of thoughts, considering we will all stand in front of The Great Judge one day.

            (John 8) Picture this: Jesus (our advocate, lawyer) is sitting on a step at the temple in Jerusalem. There is a fair crowd, not too big. And a guy, who is a well learned scholar of the law, slings a naked woman to the ground in front of Him. “By the law we should kill her. What do you say?” What’s going through the mind of the woman? She’s dead guilty. She deserves every stone. And, by the law given to Moses, they would absolutely be correct in cleansing the camp of her sin by putting her to death- and she knows it! But for some reason The Advocate shows mercy instead of seeking justice. John doesn’t write any reason why we should think the woman deserved any mercy. “Caught in the act” is even included (8:4).

            We will be judged by the Word (John 12:48), and Jesus is that Word. Here’s the worst part of that: You deserve it. I do too, I won’t deny it. I deserve to burn in Hell for eternity- because I have broken covenant with my God. He is faithful, and I have failed in my actions. I am a sinner, and sin is separation from God (Isaiah 59:2). But, I am also a Christian. And because I am a Christian I have and advocate with The Judge: my Jesus, the Christ, the righteous (1 John 2:1). And He died to pay for my sins. Am I guilty, yes. I am. But, the penalty has been paid. Paid in full. The bill for my sins was bought with the blood of the Christ. And He promises Mercy for His own. Acting like His children; let us be known as the people who show that “mercy triumphs over judgement.” (James 2:13) But, that is to those who show mercy. “He deserved it!” So do you. Do you want that mercy Jesus promised you? Show it to those who don’t deserve it. May God help us to be ever more like Him!


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