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  • Writer's pictureTrey Harper


A most natural thing, unnaturally changed

And wrenched from rest to work again

What power here works cannot be feigned

The bones! The bones! Shall walk again

Speak- the Word in power proclaim

Then moist, from dry to full anew

Exposed to death but full reclaim

When covered, muscle and sinew

Enter now a breath; breath again

Long dead, life lacking, corpses breathe!

Shameful sting; payment for sin

Emptied grave maw; snatched from the teeth

Is it for me? Power divine

Rescue of one whose path is lost

My bones are dried up

My hope is lost

And I am indeed cutoff- The pain of death will surely come

And take me to a cursed home- Because in life I chose to roam

Forsaking love that He had shone- “Come to condemn?” “No, save some”

He stood in servanthood alone- Sun’s light failed; not to be shone

Paying for all that I have done- to heal those dry and weary bones

Skin cover, breath enter, and you shall live

For eternal life, a Savior now gives.


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