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Our Faithful Care

A truly beautiful thing it is, to watch pent-up godly desire spring out of people when their hearts are pricked by melodious lyrics. Songs can help us express things we wish were true in our own lives. Consider, we desire to accept God’s plan for our lives, but how often are we at odds with how things are going; yet we earnestly desire to honestly sing, “It is Well” with my soul. Our very talented sister, Glenda Schales, wrote “Our Faithful Care” in 1997, and similar to “It is Well”, I wish I could always manifest the sentiment of the song.

“Glory to God! In all lamentation, teach us to suffer like our Lord; Then may we seek Thy holy compassion, our arms our-stretched, Thy love outpoured

Glory to God! In all tribulation, measure the portion each can bear; cover new pain with fresh consolation- balm for our hearts to heal and share.

Glory to God! In all our tomorrows, ready Thy throne for coming prayers, some future tears or distant sorrows; be Thou our God, our Faithful Care.”

Verse one is a tall ask indeed! How can I learn to be willing and patient in times of suffering except to suffer? As the Hebrew writer says, “no chastening for the present seemeth to be joyous, but grievous” (KJV). If I had my druthers, I’d skip right to the seeking compassion part! Academically, I know that in my lamentations I should be seeking to glorify God but showing His glory in those times is what I am called to do.

Verse two carries over from verse one but reminds me that God is active in my troubles. He is faithful not to allow me to be tempted beyond what I can bear. He is faithful not to burden me with sorrows I cannot handle. He is faithful to supply me with every good and perfect gift needed to overcome- a balm for my weariness. I feel an especially deep connection with the line “cover new pain with fresh consolation”. And in all this, may I seek to glorify God.

Verse three looks ahead, not to remove tears and sorrows, but to ask God to be prepared to receive our prayers when they happen. Ending, the song states with faith, we can glorify God in difficult times, because He faithfully attends to our cares.


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