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(In Him) I Win

Life is hard. Choices are difficult. Sin is compelling. Each day we are faced with the reality of living in a sick and dying world. The common and ‘normal’ way to live is to get up every day and fight for more money, property, prestige, etc. Achievement and success are marked by amassing stores of something (anything really- just have a lot, or the most rare, or best). Very few in this existence get to experience the full bounty of this planet. Solomon did, though. And his assessment should be an encouragement to all who cannot afford a flight to the edge of space- ‘it’s all vain’.

I may not die with the most toys (winning, according to some bumper stickers), however- I will win. I may not succeed according to any of the standards of this world, but I have news for this world- I don’t care. This world’s definition of winning is so limited that trying to win at its game doesn’t even make sense. How many in the history of the planet could afford to satiate every desire (even if it is vain)? That club is so exclusive that even if we beg, borrowed, and stole it is doubtful many of us could attain ‘Rockefeller’ status. The good news is that there is good news.

Jesus came to make me His child. Through His blood I am adopted as a child of God; destined for an existence far and away better than the choicest of pleasures afforded to this world. I can confidently sing “this world is not my home, I’m just a-passing through. My treasures are laid up somewhere beyond the blue” (and I don’t mean I’m taking a ride with SpaceX). “Just a little while to stay here, just a little while to wait, then I’ll enter Heaven’s portal, sweeping through the pearly gates”. And I am promised that this world will hate me for it (John 15.19).

I win. The same things happen to everyone the world over. Birth, work (taxes), sickness, -and the most winning person ever will share the same fate as the most destitute, poor, lonely, and miserable- death. While I also will die (should the Lord tarry) it is of no consequence, because this life is but a prologue; an introduction to a forever scene that sees me joined in joy around the throne of The Creator. My Savior lived on this same planet to die for me. Now, He’s gone ahead of me, to prepare me a dwelling place with Him. Victory awaits His people. Will you be victorious?


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