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I Will Live Eternally

A face only a mother could love,

a child sent from up above.

Being baptized, “Listen to My Son!”

Mighty Counselor, Holy One.

Wonders, miracles; “All come, be healed”

Many came for just a meal.

Shaking demons, who confess His name.

Asking man to do the same.

Riddles posed reveal: a Kingdom to come,

Where raised He sits on the throne.

Tell us, O King, how are we to live?

Mind God, love neighbor, forgive.

Lead in vic’try, over men you should save!

No, but vic’try o’er the grave…

Then die! We refuse! Crucify Him!

As foretold, He yields to them.

Death deals its blow, striking at His heel.

Place a stone, a guard, a seal.

An empty grave! The Messiah wins!

His shed blood now cleanses sins!

Out goes the call, “a free gift receive”.

Come in faith. Submit. Believe.

The enemy lost, death now has no sting.

Christ arose, and so will we!

Saved from Hell by the Mighty “I AM”

Praise God! Praise the risen Lamb!

Let me tell you what this means for me:

I will live eternally.


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