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God's Way of Escape

There is an old song titled, “I Know the Lord Will Find A Way”. Since shortly after time began, God already had a way.

In Genesis 3, Adam and Eve sin and are put out of the Garden of Eden as punishment. God pronounces their punishments, but He also provides the promise of a way of escape.

Mankind becomes so evil that God regrets having created them. But Noah is a faithful man who builds a boat for God. Through their obedience, this ship carried 8 precious souls to safety. God provided a way of escape.

Hundreds of years later, God would have Moses erect a bronze serpent in the wilderness so that those who were bitten, but looked on the image, would live. God provided a way of escape.

David was being pursued by Saul and hid in a cave. Saul stopped to sleep in the very same cave, but never found David. God provided a way of escape.

Jonah was told to preach to Nineveh, but didn’t want to go, so he stowed away on a ship. To save the ship, he was thrown overboard. God provided a way of escape for the innocent sailors.

Time and time again, God’s Old Testament people end up in distress. Time and time again, God provides a way of escape.

Time reached fulfillment and Jesus came to earth. In John 14, we find Jesus IS the way of escape which God promised to provide. Since the way of escape was provided, millions have believed in God’s promise and chosen to accept and follow Jesus, the Way. Believers have been tortured and murdered because they chose to follow God’s Way of escape.

God doesn’t have to ‘find’ a way; He provided that Way over 2,000 years ago. WE are the ones who must ‘find’ the Way. We have access to this escape plan, also. We can escape the punishment promised from the time Adam and Eve sinned. All we must do is follow God’s Way. The next time you hear that song, pause and thank God for not only finding, but also sending us THE WAY.


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