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Just a Snowflake

Set aside the political implication of the word “snowflake”.

I love the snow. Snowflakes are unique and individual. No two are alike. Like fingerprints, each snowflake has its own pattern that makes it different than any other. Similarly, we are all unique. We may have friends that act just like us, but we are still one of a kind. God designed snowflakes and fingerprints. And just like He knows them- He knows you. He knows each one of us individually. All our cares and concerns, our failures and foibles, our victories and achievements- God knows and cares for you.

What can a snowflake do? Alone- just make me smile. Not to equate myself with God, but imagine- You, alone, can make God smile. When you overcome temptation; when you praise His name; when you tell some lost soul about Him- *smile*.

What can three inches of snow do? Oh, that beautiful blanket of white. Everything is covered, if only just a little. Covered in God-given snow, everything is coated the way He prescribed. If each of us, individual snowflakes, work together it changes the world! What a difference a strong local church can make! God has given us the mission to change the world- don’t we know that we can! The more participation (like precipitation) the greater the effect! May we strive to make the changes in the world that show His glory and plan for all humanity. (Amen)

But alone- a snowflake is fragile. Yes, shoveling a driveway full of snow is a chore. But alone- a snowflake quickly melts on a finger. Not always! Not always! Sometimes it is so cold that the snowflakes don’t melt. “The LORD preserves all who love Him” (Psalm 145.20). Three inches starts with snow that does not melt. The change in the world starts with perseverance of individuals that do not give in under pressure. If the individual is going to impact the world and support other individuals, then it must hold firmly to performing the function for which it was formed. But that gets really difficult! “Have you entered the storehouses of the snow…which I [God] have reserved for the time of trouble?” (Job 38.22-23) Elijah felt alone, too. Stay strong. Many individuals are sticking, the blanket is forming, the impact is evident.


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