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Give'm Heaven

A preacher/elder/mentor/brother/friend of mine uses a phrase that I really love, “Give’m Heaven”. For a bit of context; I speak with my friend fairly often, every now and again we discuss various aspects of preaching: perceived successes, struggles, encouraging happenings, ineffective procedures, and the like. As I grow professionally, from time to time, I will ask his advice on approaching a topic or specific sermon. The advice is not complete without the inclusion of, “give’m Heaven”.

You may never preach a sermon from a pulpit on a Sunday morning in your life. Regardless of that, your life is called to sharing the gospel with others. There are many things a preacher may want to say. There are many things the congregation, or individuals, need to hear; but Jesus makes very clear that His message is one of HOPE. Self-correction will result from desire to attain that hope. The most important thing a sinner can learn is that they can have a better relationship with the Author of Life.

Does this mean all talk of sin should be avoided? Should every message be a recitation of the lyrics to “Jesus Loves Me”? Of course not. But without hope, a message is without hope. Following the formulas of the Father is more easily accomplished when His children are motivated by loving gratitude. Timothy is encouraged thus, “fan to flame the gift of God, which is in you through the laying on of my hands, for God gave us a spirit not of fear but of power and love and self-control.” (2 Timothy 1.6b-7)

I cannot help but think of the coach from the Rocky movies when I hear my friend make his statement. And truly, “give’m Heaven” is juxtaposed to the phrase “give’m Hell”. Do not think my wording irreverent; Hell is real. Repeatedly, this world will remind its inhabitants that they are not good enough. While the worldly may not hear it directly in a sermon cast from a pulpit, the result of following any message other than the gospel will be them getting Hell. So, give’m Heaven!

Do you know someone who curses too much? Someone who looks for relief from the tip of a needle? Someone who trades their body for pleasure? Do you know anyone not on the narrow way? The world already gives’m Hell- Give’m Heaven. There is a Savior who loves nothing more than to heal broken people. How will they come to know Him unless they are told? Go, tell them about Jesus. Give’m Heaven.


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