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FH-13 & Rain

His bow is in the sky because HE set it there to remind Himself that judgement will come later, to stay His hand lest He flood the Earth again. Rain was a tool of judgement for a sinful epoch. Utilizing that judgement tool, God washed away the sins of everyone on earth (1 Peter 3.20-21). Every drop that falls has once represented the sure judgement of The Creator. And every drop that falls is a reminder of the judgement still to come.

Nahum 1.7-8 reads, “The LORD is good, a stronghold in the day of trouble; He knows those who take refuge in Him. But with an overflowing flood He will make a complete end of the adversaries and will pursue His enemies into the darkness.” As previously stated, God will never again destroy mankind with a deluge (Genesis 9.11). However, the reminder stands. I received A LOT of spankings in my childhood (not nearly as many as I deserved). Even today, when I quickly snatch my belt from the pant loops and hear that same leather slapping sound, I remember the old equation, “bad boy + popping belt = backside pain”. My parents have not disciplined me this way in years, yet I will never forget that form of correction. So too, every bit of water that washes the Earth stands as a reminder that judgement is coming. Just like FH-13.

Forest Highway 13 begins outside of Crawfordville and runs Westward to Eastpoint Hwy through the middle of nowhere. The road is constructed primarily of powdered limestone, giving the road a white color. Without regular rain, the roadside bushes become white. If the drought is long enough, nearly everything inside of 30 feet is painted pale! Then the rain comes, rinsing away all evidence of the rough riding. He knows those who take refuge in Him- those who wash away all that sin. They can stand at the window and smile; knowing God will judge- and Jesus’ blood has made them worthy to claim refuge in Him.


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