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Everybody, Somebody, Anybody, Nobody

Here is the lesson of four Christians. Their names are Everybody, Somebody, Anybody, and Nobody. They all attended church together and did what they could for their God. One Sunday morning, the preacher’s wife arrived at services lamenting that her husband had caught a severe illness overnight and would not be able to make it. Everybody was aware and was sure that Somebody would preach. Somebody was not prepared for that duty that day figured it would be okay because Anybody could preach. Nobody preached because Anybody, who could have, did not.

Because Nobody preached that Sunday the people of the congregation were furious. The next Sunday all of the congregants arrived and started a shouting match. The song leader was not outdone by anyone in expressing his displeasure at the lack of willingness on the part of Anybody and Everybody. By the time the bell rang to begin services the song leader had laryngitis and could not sing a note. Everybody was sure that Somebody would lead the singers. Somebody claimed they were so bad at performing that duty that Anybody could do a better job. Nobody stepped up. Nobody lead singing that day.

By now the congregation was in a bit of chaos. The blame flew hither-and-‘yon about Everybody’s responsibility. Anybody was urged to be ready to lead in times of need and Somebody should definitely be better prepared! Nobody listened.

Some of the worshippers never returned after that. Among those was the children’s Bible class teacher. Everybody quickly recognized that Anybody could teach that class. Nobody realized that Everybody would not. Somebody should have taught the children. Anybody could have been a major help that morning. Unfortunately, Nobody taught the children.

You, brother/sister. The Church needs you. You can make the difference. You are the role model. Everyone needs you. Anybody can benefit from your kindly deeds. Be the Somebody that God needs working in His Kingdom, and Nobody will be left unaided.


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