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Late in Hebrews 10 we find a lot of talk about staying away from sin (verses 26-39). Smack in the middle we read a sentiment of positivity. “Let us consider how to stir one another to love and good works. This is a beautiful, two-fold admonition. Being “stirred up” is being moved. Meaning, your brothers and sisters should be moving you to be a stronger Christian. We are to find ourselves being encouraged to make changes in our lives that make us look, act, and sound more like God. Are you receiving this push? I hope so. Different types of encouragements are more effective for some than others. By definition, that means some types of encouragements are not as effective for everyone. Let your preacher/Elders know if you have a spiritual appetite that is not being met!

The other side of the coin is that we should be encouraging others. The remainder of this article will focus on those opportunities.

There are some people who send cards or letters. You are loved people. When you go to the mailbox and receive your post, it seems natural to quickly scan the envelopes: Bill, sales-paper, credit card offer, another bill, another sales-paper, etc. No one is excited to get that correspondence. But then there sits an off-sized colored envelope; self-addressed to me! Someone has spent time selecting that. Writing in that. Addressing and stamping that. For me! Would you like to send cards? Our members addresses are in the directory.

Also in the directory are phone numbers. As a general politeness, call people over 40, text people under 40. Calling or texting- just do it! The call does not have to be long. Pray for them, then call them and say- “I have been praying for you and just wanted to let you know.” It is amazing how much good will is conveyed through such simple conversations.

Would you like to write articles for the bulletin? DO IT! Send me 400 words. Want to pray with someone? -Let’s pray! If you need a way to stir someone up- LET ME KNOW! In the words of the song- “There is much to do, there’s work on every hand.” Make sure you are pushing yourself to push others. Let us consider, take time and consider, how to stir one another up to love and good works.


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