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What Will You Give Me?

Then one of the twelve, whose name was Judas Iscariot, went to the chief priests and said, “What will you give me if I deliver him over to you?” (Matthew 26.14-15a) Although he has better work, Toby Keith’s song, “I Want To Talk About Me” seems fitting at this point in the reading. There are three points I would like to look at in reference to this scripture.

The first point is “ME!” Judas is in this for himself. The amount is prophesied- the price for a slave. But thirty pieces of silver is not requested but offered. Judas seems (in this Gospel) to be as petty as Golem looking for a way to secure some sordid treasure. This example is obviously an extreme one, money for a life, but exchange those elements for other things and we are all prone to being bought. What would YOU do for a Klondike bar? In many cases we may waste God’s time and talents trying to earn another piece of gold while we could better spend our time saving souls.

The second point is the obvious one. The tie that any teacher should teach- Jesus is betrayed! Judas is a trusted friend. One who eats with Jesus. A fellow pilgrim who shares lodging with Him (when they have lodging). Judas has even worked miracles by the Name of his friend. But gain calls loudly. So, this friend fails Jesus to further his own fame or fortune. Jesus’s life is sold into the hand of those who will have Him slain for their own gain as well. Everyone wins- Except Jesus. Jesus is not only innocent of the charges for which He will be indicted, He has never committed any transgression!

Lastly, is the High Priests. Wait- why them? Because they are God’s High Priests (John 11.51) and they are not receiving correction or teaching. What Judas is showing them is apostacy, hypocrisy, sin… This follower of Jesus is behaving like a sinner, not a Saint. How will Judas ever teach them the truth? What chance do they have of believing in God’s Anointed now?

They are not thinking about God, but themselves. Judas is not thinking about their souls, but his own skin. Thank God, Jesus is! Jesus endures the betrayal, beatings, blaspheme…, death. And all for the good of everyone else. What will you gain? Man may offer money but Jesus offers life eternal. That’s what He’ll give you.


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